Crystallize Glass Panel

Crystallize Glass Panel, also named Sintered Glass, Micro crystal Glass, Jade Spar or Crystal Rock. It is the newstyle & Splendid building material made from best chosen crude mineral by way of twice sinter under high temperature, like the forming of granite. It has Excellent characters including surface plane & even hue, soft color appearance and glittering luster, hard & fine texture, good weathering durability, fadeless, Zero water absorption so to prevent from pollution, Acid & Alkali resistance, non radiation elements, green environment protected. So it owns better characters compares with natural stone, such as marble and granite. All this excellent characters can hardly expect from natural stone slab. Sizes of flat panel, arch panel are suitable for inside & outside wall cladding, round pillar, counter top and furniture decoration. Using it, our home would be more modernized, elegant and luxury, comfortable.

It has better characters of physics and chemistry than natural stone slab.
Crystallized glass panel is made through special arts under the conditions of high temperature, which is similar to that of the forming of granite. It has advantages of physics and chemistry such s even-texture, high density, anti-pressure, anti-bend, anti-hit etc. which are better than natural stone slab. It is long lasting and wear resisting. It has no small crackles of natural stone slab.

It is fine textured, smooth surfaced.
Crystallized glass panel has special crystallized structure and glass substratum structure. Its texture is fine and smooth; its surface is smooth and crystal clear. For the coming ray, it can produce effect of diffused reflection, which is pleasing to your eye.

It is rich in colors and it can be widely applied
According to the special manufacture arts, rich and fashionable colors such crystalline white, yellow, cream, beige, spotted white can be made to meet the needs of production, at the same time it can remedy the color differences of natural stone slab. It fits for Internal and External decoration of hotels, office buildings, bus stations, airports and top-class household decoration as wall cladding flooring, counter top.

It is excellent for acid and alkali-resistance and heat resistance.
As a kind of inorganic crystallized material with stable chemical functions with glass substratum structure. Crystallized glass panel has better alkali resistance corrosivenessresistance than natural stone slab. Especially its heat resistance is outstanding. It is fadeless, good weather durability.

It is excellent for pollution resistance which makes maintenance convenient
Crystallized glass panel’s hygroscopicity is very low. It cannot be polluted by various kinds of dirt and colored liquid. Dirt attached to its surface can be easily washed. It is especially convenient for maintenance of buildings.

It can be bent if heated so as to make stone slab of various home
Being heated, crystallized glass panel can be made stone slab of various forms such as arc and curved surface. It has advantages of easy craft and low cost. For arc stone slabs, malpractice such as too much cutting, grinding and waste of time, material etc can be avoided.

It contains no radioactive elements which are harmful to people’s health.
The panel is made of chosen pure crude mineral by way of twice sinter. Any radioactive elements have been removed in the process of manufacture so unlike some natural stone slabs. Crystallized glass panel has no harmful radioactive elements. It is one of the safest kinds of green environment protection materials.